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my mom was clinically diagnose with stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 79 now 83 y.o.she is diabetic. want to know how to clean her open wound.i want to send a recent photo of her breast.how can i send?

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  • Betti A Profile
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    Her doctor or his nurse should be telling you how to clean the wound. God bless her and you.
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  • joan jones Profile
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    Absolutely call your Mom's medical team. They should assess her wound , make a treatment plan and if family is not comfortable with the wound care they should make a referral for a visiting nurse to come into see your Mom and do the dressing changes ordered . Don't feel bad asking for help - that is why they are there . Sorry this has happened but there is help available~- for you and your Mom .You do not have to do this alone . Please make that call and best wishes to you and your Mom for strength and healing .
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