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I found a lump on the edge of my areola about the size of a pea. Im 14 but i don't know if i could get breast cancer at my age. The lump is not red but it is a little bit hard. No one in my family has breast cancer that I know of. Please help me.

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    Please tell your Mom and have her take you to a gynecologist. At your age, this is most likely hormonal changes and NOT cancer. It is good you are aware of changes in your breasts. As you get older, it is very important to check your breasts every month. For your own peace of mind, please tell your Mom. I am sure she doesn't want you to be so worried. Take care, Sharon
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    You should talk to your mom she can set up an appointment with your Dr. to get it checked
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    Awh Hon..I know it's a scary thought but you have to tell your Mom or an adult you trust and go to the doctor. Your school counselor might be a good start. Please be brave and have it checked out. Let us know how you are doing. The ladies here are great support. I wish you all the best.
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    Talk with your mom or some other female adult you trust and tell them what you have said here. Take care, Betti
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    I had something similar and it was a cyst, not cancer. Get it checked out.
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