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I am wondering what to expect as I move from chemo to tamoxifen and Zoladex? I have done 11 months of chemo. I am stage IV, so the cancer is not gone, but my onc feels it is enough u dee control to try the switch. Anyone else with similar experience?

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    Shauntell, Your hair will grow! These are hormone blocking drugs, you might have hot flashes and joint pain. I was on a different drug that is for post menopausal women but causes similar side effects. You will be closely monitored so they ask how you are doing on the new drugs and probably along the way they will slip in a PET scan or something-scan. Not to mention bloodwork and do a physical exam too. You just need to report how you are feeling and what, if any, new sensations you have. Hang in there, gal and take care, Sharon
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    Beloved, i'm so sorry to hear you have joined our club. Right now your head is spinning and your are still in shock, but there is way to move through all of this. I'm on tamoxifen and as Sharon has shared, you do have hot flashes and night sweats. It's doable, they can give you effexor to help with them. Look how far you have come from your diagnosis. This is a great place for support and encouragement. Keep those big girl panties on and do this!!!
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    Shauntell. Take the meds in the am. You may not sleep well if you take them in the evening Clearly you are estrogen positive. Did you read and follow any of the nutritonal advic e from the AntiEstrogen diet book? There are three phases and recipes to follow too its a cheap book to order from amazon or Barnes and noble. Best to you in this next phase.
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