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Since starting chemo treatment, my mom has been unbearable. Everything frustrates her to the point that she starts arguments. She pushes everyone away and doesn't respond to kind words, love or attention. When or will this ever end?

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  • Diana Foster Payne Profile
    Stage 4 Patient
    I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. Having cancer is devastating not just for the patient but is hard on their family as well. I was diagnosed in May and I've gone through a wide range of emotions. I think the mental toll has been harder than the physical part. Shock, anger (why me), feeling helpless, afraid, & so much more. Is your Mom going to a support group or any type of counciling? It can make a world of difference just to be able to talk to someone else that can relate to what we're going through. That's been in our shoes. Depression is very common among cancer patients as well and she may need something to get her over the "hump". Breastcancer.org is a very good website that has discussion boards for women with breast cancer. You can also contact The American Cancer Society for resources such as support groups in her area. I know it's hard but try to be patient with your Mom and I pray that you'll both get through this trying time. Hugs and best wishes, Diana
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  • Surf  Momma Profile
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    Having someone tell you that you have cancer is the worst news that you could hear. Love your mom through this She feels awful on the inside and out. This will get better for everyone ....eventually. Trust me-spoken from a survivor
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  • Lysa Allison Profile
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    Going through cancer treatment is very difficult both mentally and physically. Spiritually it can feel like God has abandoned you. What I learned is that God is with you every step of the way and will get you through it if you just ask. For me, my family gave me space when I needed it, but also wanted to be a part of everything I went through by going to appointments with me etc. I pray for you as your family goes through this journey.
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  • Ali S Profile
    乳癌幸存者从 2011
    I agree with what others said. It's likely she doesnt mean what she says, but is so emotional and scared right now that she is short with the ones who love her most. Instead of offering kind words that she might not want right now, offer to listen is she just wants to vent. She's not going to want advice, but rather compassion. Instead of telling her to be strong (which helps to be steong sometimes, but sometimes we need to be weak and cry and we don't want to be told to be strong, b/c it's really hard to be at times and if we're not, we feel like we're letting ppl down), after she vents --tell her something like "that sounds upsetting/scary/frustrating" etc., depending on what she says. Don't know you know how it feels, just let her know you hear her and that you're going to be here with her no matter what. Emotions can change daily. Best wishes to you all. P.s. Chemo is really tough--so, let her know she's entitled to her emotions! I finished in September , age 32
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