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I am about to undergo a mastectomy on my left breast followed by implantation of an expander. How long can I expect to be in hospital or recovery for?

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    I had the same exact surgery, did not have any complications and was in the hospital for 23 hours. Good luck with your journey. Keep the questions coming! Your Pink Sisters are here for you!
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  • Marianne R. Profile
    Survivor since 2011
    Talk to your doctor they will know the plan. My guess would be 1 night if there are no complications. You will probably have a drain, which are miserable. You will know recovery all most over when they come out.
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    I had bilateral mastectomy with expanders placed. I was supposed to go home the next day but due to minor complications, I stayed 2 days. Recovery took 6 weeks.
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  • Penny Walton Profile
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    Eli, I had a bi-lateral in Jan, spent 1 night in hospital. Pack a bag with essentials for 3 days and if it goes well you will be home in less time. I couldn't do expanders yet, need radiation, so on that I can't help. But my bi took about 8 weeks, but I'm a very slow healer. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Penny
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    Hi Eli, my mum had a mastectomy last month and had a DIEP flap as well.she was in hospital for 7 days due to low blood pressure but Is now recovering well. Hope all goes well for you too xx
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    I decided to delay cosmetic surgery. Had my left breast removed yesterday. Going home after breakfast.
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    Thank you everyone. I am living in chile and I guess I will be here for 3 days. Can anyone explain the numbness I feel on my underarm?
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