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Has anyone experienced numbness in feet while taking tamoxifen? Just wondering if this could be a side effect?

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    Yes, it's common. I didn't have numbness but I had some shooting pains. I met a woman during chemo who was a bit ahead of me and she had experienced such numbness that she was using a cane. said she couldn't feel when her feet touched the ground. I think it's normal, and it will subside and hopefully completely disappear when you're done. Good luck!! ET
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    Mot common but yes
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    Hi yes I had the neuropathy while taking the tamoxifen.. It is one of the side effects. I completed my last chemo on September 17, 2012 and my feet are about 70 percent back. I can only wear ugg boots. Talk to your onco and let them know if unbearable they can give you something to help a little also norco
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    Had some while on chemo. Not noticed any on tamoxifen yet. How long u been on it?
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    I have been on tamoxifen for about a month. I started to have burning in my feet which is worse when I am at rest or in bed. It feels like my plantar fasciitis but not the same. I take Motrin right before I go to bed and it helps make it bearable.
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    It's called neuropathy ,, damage to ur nerves ,, might wanna tell ur doc about it because I just went through that and it could become permanent
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