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Any insight on saline Vs. Silicone implants? I have to pick out my boobs next week. LOL

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    And for the other side of the coin: Haha I love booby talk.... I got saline implants. It was VERY important to me not to look like I had a boob job. I'm pretty small framed but I was a barely A in bra size and I wanted to be a C-cup. I went to see one doc who INSISTED that I get silicone so I went somewhere else. I found a woman doc who listened to me, looked at the photos I found online (yeah, it's kind of weird looking at other women's boobies but it was very helpful in the end results) and here's the thing - she said I was only going to like TWO different kinds, and they were both saline. Just like Andre, I had very specific needs and a good doctor will measure you and let you know which ones can fit you properly. I have very natural breasts now and they only look "pillowy" when I'm lying on my back. Other than that, they are soft and they aren't so full as to look fake. I'm very happy with mine too. Good luck. Let us know what you end up with. Either way, you will look beautiful.
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    Diane, my husband & I looked at a million pictures of boobs, lol, trying to figure out what to get. I was going to go with saline cuz they are more like a real boob. (Never worried about leaks) I wanted large boobs with cleavage. My PS said I could only get the look I wanted with saline. The largest implant is 800 cc's, but a saline can be filled even more. A silicone implant will droop like a real boob & is very squishy. A saline is firmer and holds its shape like a balloon. (Only a 'gummy bear' silicone will hold its shape) So, I have moderate plus, 800 cc saline implants, filled with 1000 cc's. Again, I wanted to be large, perky & have cleavage. I got that, LOL, I'm a triple D. Having saline I certainly look like I've had a 'boob job'. I'm ok with that. The silicone will look more real. Talk with your PS, he will know what will be best for your body style, but it's really up to you. You need to be happy with how you look. I love mine! Prayers to you.
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      Great info!

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      I agree, I'm going to see my second PS next week!

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