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i am having a double mastectomy in jan do you have depression afterwards

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    Sandra, Unless you have a problem with clinical depression it usually doesn't come along with the territory. You could have some problems feeling --down-- because it is kind of a big deal both physically and a bit mentally. Not knowing how important body image is to each and every woman, the realization of the loss of a breast means different things to different women. It is difficult to predict how you will feel. My breasts are small and I didn't particularly have any attachment to them in regards to body image. I just wanted to get rid of the breast cancer and was very happy to get rid of the body part that contained it. I chose not to have reconstruction and have done well with a prosthesis. I was 59 when diagnosed and made this decision. It is different if women are diagnosed in their 20's, 30's, 40's etc. A large percentage of them have reconstruction which sounds like it is a long, procedure and not very comfortable. Anyway.... as for depression, if you tend to get depressed or feel down, it may be a problem but I can't say it is as a matter of fact. Hang in there darlin' you are getting rid of a lousy sneaky disease and that IS the most important thing. Take care, Sharon
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    Well said Sharon, as usual. I had a double mastectomy about a year ago and I had very large breasts, it was a bit sad to say goodbye to them as they have been responsible for many free drinks in my life haha. But overall I am so glad I did it. I am going through reconstruction at the moment and you are right Sharon it is long and uncomfortable but I would do it all again. The part of the mastectomy that I found difficult was the recovery and not being to do the things I was used to doing like driving and showering on my own. Good luck to you Sandra, you will be fine and like Sharon said you are getting rid of an awful illness and it is the best way to do it. Let us know are you going as you progress. Cheers
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    We are each a little different, even though we go through similar things. I had a double mastectomy in April 2012. I got my spacers / stretchers placed at the same time of the removal, and that helped me some, I think. I never had the completely empty feeling. My spacers, however, were a bit uncomfortable and foreign. After a certain amount of healing, the doctor would gradually fill them up every week just a little bit more and stretch the area so I could get implants. I received my implants in September, and they are much more comfortable. I ... still struggle with depression. It is a permanent disfigurement. I lost my nipples ,too, so ... nothing will ever be the same. There is numbness in my chest that keeps me from the snuggles warmth that I loved with my husband. Some feeling has returned, but it will never all come back. I am okay with the fact I had cancer. I am okay with the fact that I am changed. I am okay with the fact that I look really good in my clothes. I had an amazing husband that makes me still feel loved and beautiful, and our relationship is better than ever. I look forward, though, to the day that I can wake up and not think about the fact that I am forever changed in the first few minutes. I pray for your journey, that it will be one that enhances your life in positive ways moreso than negative ones. God Bless you.
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    These ladies summed it up pretty well. I had a bilateral with reconstruction using expanders. Never thought twice about it. I too had large boobs, but they were deflated & hung to my knees. I LOVE my new boobs. I'm just as big as I was but they are firm & perky again. Prayers to you.
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