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I was given 6 doses chemotherapy and then could not cope with.hormone therapies due to their side effects on me .what is my risk ? It have mastectomy and it was invasive lobular carcinoma breast cancer

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Learning About Breast Cancer about 7 years
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    Sahar, Oncologist talk in percentages. When my oncologist took me to a website called "Adjuntive Online" or something like that. It showed my percentages of survival with each treatment..... surgery, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy. I am just completed my 5th year. I will be very happy to stop with the hormone blocking drug as it has been lousy to have a hot flash once an hour. Oncologist's etc. can only go by statistics but we are all individuals. If you can't take cope with the hormone therapy then you can't. Predictions for reoccurrences are only truly a guess. There are plenty of women who have done every single treatment and still have had breast cancer show up again. We ALL have to be on our "A Game" and be very observant about anything that could be a symptom of cancer showing it's ugly face again. You are beating yourself up over this instead of patting yourself on the back for making it through chemotherapy and surgery. Breast cancer is a tough opponent and you have been a warrior. Go out there and live a good life. We all have to be observant but if something doesn't seem right, get in and see your doctor. I was on 3 month visits, basically for these past 5 years. Hang in there darlin' don't let guilt and worry rob you of good times. None of us really know the future so get out there and have a great time! God's blessings and take care, Sharon
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      Learning About Breast Cancer

      Thnx for your support , I really needed those words , best wishes for all

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