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I had breast cancer stage 3b now I have a solid nodule on my thyroid. What does this mean?

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Learning About Breast Cancer about 7 years
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Go and see an endocrinologist to find out!
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    I am recently thru with chemo and radiation for stage 3a. They just found 7 nodules on my thyroid. 2 are 1" big. I had a thyroid biopsy last week and it was negative. The endocrinologist said there is a less than 2% chance it's related to the BC. It is apparently very common but you should def have it checked out.
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    Has your doctor ran a blood test to detect the cancer or irregular thyroid levels? It seems that they could detect if it was the cancer coming back for sure just by doing that. Have you been sick with a virus or any other illness? She had 3 of my lymph nodes in her neck removed when they took out her thyroid this last Jan. She have Papillary Thyroid cancer also, and had the radioactive iodine tx. Her scan came back clear, however there are no Guarantees that it will come back. She was worried and scared all the time that the cancer will come back.She feel stressed out all the time, and I can't help it, and I know that it just gives it an open Opportunity for it to come back! Stay strong, http://thyroidnation.com/
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