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I am 4 days post lumpectomy and feeling nauseous. Is this just my digestive tract trying to get back to normal?

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    If you're taking pain meds, you might be sure you take it on a full stomach and keep the motion to a minimum until the nausea passes. It may still be anesthesia withdrawal too.
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    I felt that way for a few days after. I think it's from the anitiesia . It will work out of your system. Drink lots of water and try eat some bland foods like chicken soup and soda crackers. Hope you feel better soon!
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    If you had the yucky green contrast stuff it will take awhile . Drink lots of fluids and try some stool softeners .
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    Hi Becky Lynn. I am five days post lumpectomy and the only time felt nauseous was after taking pain meds. Really not in any pain, more uncomfortable, so stopped taking meds. Feel fine now. If you are in pain and need meds try eating something before you take them. Best of luck to you and I hope this helps.
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    Thanks everyone. I am feeling better. Only taking Advil now.
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