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When partial masectomy done and tissue sent to lab for testing. One lymph node taken from right breast has a spot which is cancer about 2mm . Whats best to have done. Lymph nodes removal or radiation and chemotherapy wil do the job???

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    Guri, I had a mastectomy, with 5 sentinel nodes removed. I then had chemotherapy and hormone blocking drug for 5 years. The cancer found in the node was very tiny. The surgeon said she could go back in and remove all my lymph nodes BUT, the chance of finding any more cancer was about 7%. She said there was a possibility the surgery could be so damaging that she would not recommend it for me. I live a very active lifestyle riding and driving horses. It would have killed me if I had ended up with lymphedema and somehow severly limited. My oncologist agreed and I was grateful for their thoughtful advise and looking at my overall big picture. I am 5 years out with no reocurrance. It is something you, your surgeon and oncologist have to determine for you. There are some women who would have said.... 7% is even a risk they didn't want to take. I was willing to "roll the dice". Finding that little bit of cancer in one lymph node did not change my treatment plan. I was always slated for chemo. Take care, Sharon
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    I'd have the nodes removed. I had at least 2 positive, 14 removed overall. The nodes are still what scared me the most since that's what indicated spread beyond the breast. Node removal isn't painless BUT it may be worth it in the end. Good luck!
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    My opinion (just an opinion) is removing the nodes if you doctor is giving you that choice. 2mm is very small so it's a tough call. Good luck
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    Removal of cancerous nodes, radiation is definitely done after a lumpectomy and chemo . The cancer has broken outside the breast.
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    Thanku evryone.. We r stil not sure wat to so as
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