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I am advised to have chemo and radiation and I am simply terrified. I read about the Chemo sensitivity test that will ensure they would be giving the precise chemo to target my type of cancer. My question is, can I demand this test prior to treatment?

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    Marie, chemo is very doable. It is not wonderful but with the meds they have to manage the side effects you can do it. I work through it. It wasn't always easy but doable. If you are uncomfortable get a new doctor or a second opinion. It is your body. I was really scared but I did chemo and I'm alive and cancer free because of surgery, chemo, rads, and the doctors and nurses. I had surgery first 7.3 mm mass taken then taxotere/cytoxan chemo and 35 rad treatments. I am stage 3. The treatment was worth anything I went through to still be here. God Bless you on your journey.
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    I was advised the same thing, I had my chemo then surgery but after all was done and I met with the radiation dept it was decided that I probably didn't need radiation things change during treatments all the time. Keep asking questions. I didn't have chemo testing but at the same time my oncologist has been doing this for a good while and what I was given worked on the first try my tumors where gone after the 3rd chemo, but it is your body and you should be able to tell them you want it or at least if they refuse ask them how they know this is the right treatment for you. It is scarey at first but hang in there you can get through it
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    Thank you for your input. I appreciate your encourgment. Marie
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