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I am undecided about getting radiation for DCIS. Surgery turned up nothing - biopsy got it all. I'm thinking risk is low...

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    I had dcis. Biopsy got everything also. The radiation decreases the risk of it recurring. Good luck with your decision.
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    I was diagnosed with DCIS in Sept. My oncologist did not recommend radiation due to the (small) size of the area & wide (clear) margins. She told me to get a second opinion if I wasn't comfortable with that. Some oncologists believe that radiation should be given for all cases of DCIS. I decided to hold off on radiation & take aromatase inhibitors for 5 years (my feeling is that if I develop invasive CA later on, I want to have the option of radiation at that time.) Also, 2/3 of DCIS do not become invasive, so I'm concerned about over treatment. It's confusing, so do your homework, ask for advice, but know in the end, it's your decision.
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