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I just had a bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders 2 weeks ago. When I am given the ok for exercise, will I be limited? I love to run and I take a variety of classes, some include weights.

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    Laura, You WILL get back to running, weights, and all your activities! Just a Marianne says, your doctor will give you guidelines but they want us to get back to our normal lives asap. I am back to my normal life doing all the stuff I did with my horses before I had breast cancer. Women who have breast cancer and are treated just have a little blip of time in our lives when our schedules are a bit disrupted. The best advice my doctor gave me after my treatment was to "Go live your life!" Hang in there! Take care, Sharon
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  • Amanda Boudreaux Profile
    I agree with many of the previous posts...it is an individual recovery. However, if you are already used to working out on regular basis as I was, you are ready to get back to your routine. I remember being ready to run and lift weights at about 2-3 weeks after bilateral with reconstruction. However, it was stressed to me that I didn't want to push myself too much and I needed to let myself heal because, if there was an infection or torn incision - I would have to start from scratch...that scared me more than the surgery it self. My DR at MD Anderson told me incisions take about 6 weeks to heal from inside out. So they released me to work out with upper body weights and run after 6 weeks. I could do low impact stuff before then. (legs, walking, bike, elliptical) They also said to use best judgement! This is not the case of "no pain, no gain"!! If it hurts (working out, housework, etc.) DON'T DO IT! Listen to your body! You know it best! But at the same time, make sure you follow DR instructions too :) Good luck! You will see the light at the end of the tunnel...I promise!
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  • Cathleen DiCapua Profile
    I agree I went to physical therapy before my replacement surgery, and after my replacement surgery. That is the best way to start moving. I agree listen to your body. Make sure you communicate to your Dr.
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    Laura, Its a very individual recovery. I had a bi-lateral mastectomy with tissue expanders on May 1, 2012. I am just now able to do some exercises recommended by a physical therapist. Definitely speak to your doctor on what's best for your recovery. Take Care, Kris
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    Your doctors will give you those directions. I always ask for a script for physical thearpy it is a great way to get back correctly.
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