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Am 3 weeks out from my last of 4 TC chemos. I cannot believe how unbelievably tired and unwell I feel. How long does this last??

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    In a way post chemo was the toughest. So many side effects of chemo lingered when I just wanted to be done with the whole thing. I also had TC and was exhausted at the end of treatment due to being anemic , neuropathy in toes and fingers, swelling in legs and feet. Slowly but surely the side effects diminished. You will get better! And then you will look back at all this and life will be amazing! I am also 2 years out from treatment and every day is a gift I cherish. Be gentle with yourself as you are still healing. Soon it will be over and you will feel healthy again.
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    Hi, it took me a month or so to get my energy level back. I found myself getting stronger and stronger every day. I am two years out of chemo, one year out of herceptin. Honestly, I'm just now beginning to feel like myself. Hang in there, it gets better.
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    Hi Kate! Glad to hear you have made it through the chemo. I had 6 cycles, with my last one on June 20th. I still feel weak and can tell my stamina is still low. I do hope to begin feeling better though. My oncologist said the medication will still linger in my body through this month. He suggested I begin walking about a month ago but I don't feel much better yet. Hope you begin feeling better soon.
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    my last chemo was June 28th , soI'm just now starting to get my energy back , I felt body aches "bad joint pain , anemic , constant tearing of my eyes and swelling of legs and hands I felt and looked like the pillsbury dough boy ! I jogged 3 miles yesterday and this morn .. So thankful I can jog again ! Each day you should feel better , hang in there ! one step at a time
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    Ok. So I had my first chemo session on Friday with a cocktail including Taxomere and Cytoxan. I was ok on Friday after it was given. Then, 27 hours later, the Neulesta drug (to offset some of the chemo damage), was added by an attached shot dispenser. Anyway, I was generally still ok. But, on Sunday, I began to feel just a tiny bit queasy (just slightly). All was generally ok until Monday. I began to feel very queasy and "out of sorts", so I began to take the nausea meds every 8 hours and drank water (8 bottles a day). Food tasted terrible. So, my Monday night was pretty bad. I could not sleep all night because i was up every hour to urinate the drugs out (i think). It was surreal! This went on all night. But thankfully, on Tuesday morning (today), I am beginning to feel like myself. I think it took 3-4 days for the chemo drugs to pass through my system. I am ok right now. Next session in 2 1/2 weeks. I will be ready!
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