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When can I take a shower after my Lumpectomy & SNB ? Had surgery on 7/25 bandages removers on 7/27 the stitches look awful but no infection & no drainage... Wasn't given much post op instruction.... What about exercise for my underarms?

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    My surgeon said 24 hours post op I could shower. I had to be careful raising my arm, but as long as I took it slow and was careful I was ok. I felt so much better after showering. I had steri strips (white tape) covering my stitches and was told to keep them on till they fell off on their own- I had to peel them off after my 10 day post op visit, they stayed on that good! The one issue I had after the axillary node dissection was I heard and felt "swishing" when I moved. I wasn't sure if it needed to be drained, so I made an appointment and was reassured that it was normal and it did go away on its own. Best of luck with your recovery!
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    I was allowed to take a shower 24 hours later, just had to cover my surgery scars n drain holes ( icch). I couldn't stand not taking a shower. I would just be sure to keep incision away from water to be safe.
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    Morning Carla have been thinking iyou
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    Sorry fat fingers posted before I finished. I'll Try again. Morning Carla, I have been thinking of you . The ladies before me have given you good advise. Usually you are allowed to shower after 24 hours I was not allowed to raise my arms over my head So my husband helped me wash my hair. You shouldn't lift more then 5 pounds If you develop a fever or the incision gets red swollen and warm to touch you need to call your doctor as that may be a sign of infection. If there is any drainage call your doctor. If there is the white tape over the incision. Steri strips do not remove it as it starts to come off cut the loose ends the longer it stays on the better helps to less'in the scar. If you have any increase in pain or sensitivity call your doctor. Hope that helps Take care and may God bless
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