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I am into my 20th day of radiation and I got sick last night. I was nauseous and hot and cold no fever, and my insides felt like it did when I did my chemo treatments. Has this happened to anyone? Is this normal?

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    I am also 20 treatments (interesting...) in and not feeling so hot...I have been fatigued this week (feeling cloudy in the head and heavy and slow physically) and I've had a headache non stop, likely due to the fatigue. So because I have been tired and headachy, I've also felt slightly queasy. Weird...haven't been sick but I do think it's probably normal bc my rad onc asks me each week if I've been nauseous, had a normal appetite etc. Any fatigue or headache?
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    I finished my 16 rads in May and still tired and sore inside. I has second degree burns under my arm from it and it was horrible. I still don't feel that great.
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    I just finished 28 chest wall rads. Finally! I was very fatigued , burned ,and had occasional nausea too. Don't know why the nausea since rads didn't go to stomach area. True, my appetite really down also. Hope to regain strength, slowly it will be as this radiation is absorbed cumulatively. Time heals, however, hopefully cancer is dead.
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