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Just finished 4 treatments of the A/C and getting ready for the Taxol. Will have 12 treatments. Can you share your experience with Taxol? Just want some background of peoples differnet side effects.

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    I had the exact same treatment and taxol was hard but no where near the way it was with a/c. Fatigue was hard to deal with but I didn't feel nauseous and flu like as with AC. And my hair started growing back during taxol:) Good luck
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    they were very different for me. I had 4 of each. I was sick and worn out on AC, but it was easy for me to get up and exercise a couple of days later (walk or bike ride--nothing to caliber I had done before, but 30 minutes or so). It felt like I was out of shape, but it made me feel better. With Taxol, I felt fine the next day, actually felt sorta "great", but then my muscles and joints were so sore and stiff, that I had to stay home Thursday and Friday (treatment was on Tuesdays). Massage on Wednesday or Thursday made a HUGE difference, so if your hospital has it, I recommend it. Or find someone local that has experience with BC patients. It was harder to work out on Taxol, and the fatigue was building up, so I gained weight then. Like 10 pounds. I guess it's common for BC patients in chemo to gain weight, not lose it. It's frustrating b/c it doesn't come off easily since my body has been out of whack for a year, but I'm moving forward and trying to accept that it will take time to get my body back in shape. Best wishes to you and congrats on being halfway finished with Chemo!
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    I am side effect queen so i didn't even look them up. (to avoid placebo....) I had all the bad effects - lost my eyebrows/eyelashes even. I lost some toenails. Had severe bone pain. neutropenia (fever and low white cells). Spent a lot of time in emerg and the dr's office. 6 months later I still have hip pain and fatigue but it's constantly getting better. I use glucosamine only for the discomfort and can hike in the mountains for 2 hours. So it's all good in the end! Stay strong and take care!!! You're halfway there!!!! Oh and anythings better than nausea!
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    I just finished my taxol last week ;) I did a job better with taxol then ac My only problem was a little bone pain and my teeth hurt a bit. I had a lot more energy. I think I only had one bad day that I was just really tired usually about the 3rd day.
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    I just started taxol ( on day three of the first cycle). So far much easier than AC. I'm a little tired but I don't feel like I am getting the flu like I did on AC.
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    NOTE- I finished my 4th treamtnet of AC today. I did "well" on it as I didn't have any really harsh side effects. I did lose my hair- but for me I dealt with it by cutting my hair in stages. I'm just now starting to notice fatigue. It hits all at once w/no notice. This is hard to get used too. I'm still working 6hrs a day so when I get home at 2, I sleep 4-5 hrs straight, then get up,make dinner, then go back to bed. Also, restless legs are bothersome,anyone have anything for that???
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