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I have a throbbing pain in my right tissue expander around the port area. Is this normal? (2 months til my swap out)

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  • Dianne Blezy Profile
    Survivor since 2009
    Hi there, I had my reconstruction two years ago and understand that it can be uncomfortable to deal with the tissue expander, especially right after the saline has been added. I would suggest you contact your plastic surgeon and follow up as you could have an infection, especially if the discomfort is at the port site. And remember, your pectoral muscle is being stretched as well so you may want to get things checked out. Good luck!
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    I don't think that is normal so it might be an idea to see your doctor. I have had expanders for 5 months and Although I have had a bit of pain it has never been in the area of the port. Good luck, I hope every thing is ok, I guess the worst thing that can happen is they will have to do your exchange earlier.
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  • Sharon Danielson Profile
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    If it were me, I wouldn't be suffering in silence, I'd be on the phone to my doctor ASAP. Although expanders have discomfort associated with them it shouldn't be a torture-device. Please call you doctor and have this checked out. Good luck and take care, Sharon
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