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What is the meaning of suspected right hilar lymph nodes? Does that indicate metastasis?

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  • Sharon Danielson Profile
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    They are identifying a lymph node (the right hilar lymph node) that looks suspicious. You NEED to call the radiologist, surgeon, or oncologist to explain what this means and show you on your diagnostic tests. This is all very scary because you don't have all the information you need. I don't know where this lymph node is located. I will tell you, I had a lymph node in my chest that also looked suspicious but it turned out to be just my lymph node. It was JUST large but not cancerous. Please contact your doctor ASAP so you can get the entire story and what this means. Take care, Sharon
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  • sally fakih Profile
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    Thats exactly what is written in my report '' there are mildly prominent retrocaval , precarinal , retrosternal and suspected right hilar lymph nodes shwing homogeneous hypodensity .. No matted or amalgamated nodes are demonstrated
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