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I have stage 1 BC Ductal Carcinoma invasive on my right breast, I am considering bilateral Mastectomy, I had stage 0 noninvasive cancer in the left breast when I was 39 years old.

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    I think a choice of bilateral mastectomy is absolutely worth consideration. It is something to discuss with your oncologist and surgeon. Since you have had a history of BC in your left breast, it is probably the best decision to have a bilateral mastectomy. You can also talk about the possibility of reconstruction too. I had a mastectomy in 2006 and wear a prosthesis which is quite comfortable. In fact, to me, it is so comfy, it feels normal! I It is a personal choice women have to make for themselves. Please keep in contact with us, we care about everybody going through this journey. Take care, and blessings to you. Sharon
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    I chose a bilateral mastectomy, to me it was a no brainer. I have not had any regrets what so ever. I am now going through my expansion which should be complete in a couple of months. When it is complete I will have a pair of equal sized breast that look the same and I also reduced the chance of a reoccurrence . Good luck with it all.
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    I survived stage 3B invasive ductile 2002. I was so overwhelmed by the treatments chemo, surgery, radiation, chemo, I never planned for further or complimentary repair. I walked around with one boob for 7 years. I once planned on repair of my R breast but there were few options for my very deep mastectomy scar. The repair in conjunction with problems with lymphedema were scary. I chose not to do reconstruction and, because I was tired of one boob (not a very nice looking one at that) I just had it removed. Now I don't have to worry about prosthetic, uncomfortable bras or further chance of reoccurred. Yippeee. My choice was easy and such a relief.
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