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I have pain on one side of my breast frequently, and it's itching. Breast cancer has taken the life of two grandmothers. I do not have insurance what should i do? Are these any symptoms?

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  • Gail Horton Profile
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    Yes, those symptoms can be a sign of breast cancer. You should have it checked out. Some communities have facilities that provide free mammograms for women without insurance. Please look into this right away! Every day does count!
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  • Thelma Almanza Profile
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    I got help through the foundation Susan G. Comen they can help and (ACS) American Cancer Society
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  • Breanna Dunham Profile
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    Yes. Pain is huge. Go to a womens clinic
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  • Elaine Aguilar Profile
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    There is a program offered - No Woman Left Behind - I had the same problem with no insurance, the program includes free breast and cervical exams - once tested if the test comes back positive - or biopsy is needed - it also covers that plus any treatments - including surgeries - reconstruction - etc - the program has saved me the worries of the financial impact - This program probably saved my life - since my breast cancer had spread toy bones
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