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I have a large egg size mass in my right breast that takes up almost all of the 9-10 o'clock region. It extends from my nipple up to my armpit. I have had an ultrasound that they are saying is normal. Has anyone else had a normal ultrasound like this???

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    I'm not a doctor but what actually did the ultrasound study show other than normal? I used to do mammograms and on occasion ultrasounds and my doctors would tell me what they were seeing when they read them. I had an elderly lady one day when I was doing her mammo. that I felt a hardened area in one of her breasts (felt like a rock) and asked her if she did self exams and she said every month. Well, the surgeon felt it needed to be biopsied even though the report was negative. Turns out it was only a very old hematoma that had hardened over the years but she never felt it. You did the right thing by going to your PCP and having her check it.
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      She said it was probably dense tissue that had clumped together. Which if it is true that’s all fine and good. But this thing is huge and hard and my other breast is completely different.

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    I had routine visit with my PCP and had her feel it for a second opinion and she is very concerned about it and is sending me to a surgeon for a consult for biopsy. Which makes me feel better, but if the ultrasound was normal how likely would it be that the biopsy would show something else? I have a strong maternal breast cancer hx. Thanks!
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