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Osteopenia is better.......but

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    cont) I had Osteopenia before my BC diagnosis but was never put on anything except Calcium+D. It got somewhat worse with my treatments and I had 3 options to treat it. My PCP told me Fosamax had been around the longest so was the most tried and true. I have now been on it for 4+ years and my last DEXA (in Sept) showed some improvement so my PCP opted to cut my dosage in half. He said if it weren't for the AI I'm on he would take me off of it completely. Well, next July will be 5 years and then I guess we will have to reevaluate things. They are currently doing studies on AI use and some say 10 years is better than 5 or even the rest of one's life. Anyone else in this boat?
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    I worry about that betti. Having to take ca meds for 10. As you know it has been struggle for me due to the side effects of which I experienced all but yes studies has shown taking it 10 years or longer prove to be more beneficial.
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