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I've finished finished 4 rounds of CT on 08/08/17 and lately I've been feeling so tired worst then when I was in the middle of my chemo treatment. Has anyone experience the same? Please let me how you felt after chemo. Thank you🌸🌸

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    I felt great after I was done, just thankful to have it behind me.
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    Have you spoken to your Chemo team? They may have some tests to determine the cause of your fatigue. I would start there. Hope you feel better soon.
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    Sure you aren't anemic? I was after chemo ended. Good Luck!
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      My labs came out good. I also had a stress test and an echocardiogram done and that was ok too. I've been feeling a little better but still tired. I see my doctor soon so let's see what he says! 😏

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