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Hi my name is Delanie Alvarez..33 years old.On Monday I did and U.S found a lump on my left breast.U.S not in my favor..got and biopsy shedule within a week.The waiting got me nerve wreck..How did you ladies handle the waiting..Advised needed.

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  • Betti A Profile
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    I waited almost 3 weeks to do my biopsy as it was at the end of the year+the holiday time so I enjoyed things I liked to do to pass the time. The waiting is the hardest but try to breathe and relax some as stress won't be your friend.
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  • Sue Boston Profile
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    Hi Delanie, I agree with Betti, the waiting is the hardest part. Try to stay busy doing what you enjoy; worrying will not change the outcome. It will be 3 years ago on Halloween when I found my lump, I knew what it was before I was told, you just know when something is not right with your body. Please keep us posted.
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  • amy chan Profile
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    hi i am like you. 31 yrs of age. found lump on my breast saw gp. had an ultrasound the next day which warranted a fnab (fine needle biopsy). waited 2 days for results.... got my results today ... the conclusion is "indeterminate". gp has requested core biopsy this time to get a larger sample... i hate waiting
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    I have a galactogram Friday, 2 1/2 weeks after bloody nipple discharge. I teach and am trying to just stay busy.
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