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densities seen at 6 oclock region has amorphous calcifications.4 oclock two focal shadowing.diluted duct some branching and debris..what is up now? I feel so lost please help me figure out what this means

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    Talk with your doctor and have it explained to you. Do they recommend a biopsy? That is the only way to tell what it is or isn't. Take a deep breath and relax as stress doesn't help you.
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    Beth, your doctor should be explaining everything to you. If you don't get an explanation you are satisfied with, take your report and get a second opinion.
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    I went Tuesday last week for a Contrast MRI to see if I glow if I do biopsy next.I have a fat necrosis at 6 o'clock position this has been biopsied last year.I have had alot of changes in breast since rads in 2015.but of course I am worried that it is dcis again insitu or Idc
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