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I've been cancer free for about 3 years now, but just found out that I have thyroid cancer. Anyone out there get thyroid cancer after breast cancer?

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    Jill, I'm so sorry to hear this. I had a scare during treatments. After my 2nd infusion my arm got really hot under the blood pressure cuff during post infusion vitals and a port was being used. My arm was somewhat swollen and hot to the touch. The Onc. thought I had a blood clot in my arm. A few days later an U/S was done and no clot was seen but something was seen on my thyroid. I had an U/S study of that and asked that the Dr. who did my 2nd biopsy read it. I guess it was a very small nodule that had already calcified and wasn't of any concern. I repeated the study in 6 months and it remained stable so was told I was OK (it was too small to even feel on palpation).
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    Mine is stage 1 - they took the whole organ and are waiting for the levels to test zero so they can give me the radiated iodine pill
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