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chemo. I'm wondering if your own immune system will control or kill the cancer cells on their own

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  • Betti A Profile
    Survivor since 2013
    I'm not a doctor but my assumption is if one's immune system would control or kill the cancer cells they wouldn't use chemotherapy medications to do it. Yes, I didn't want to have chemo. either but in adding it dropped my recurrence rate way down so it was a no brainer for me.
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  • Mary Chase Profile
    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Your own immune system cannot kill cancer cells. This is why chemo is given. Of course chemo kills both bad and some good cells. Still, it is the only way to kill the cancer cells.
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  • Trisha Muller Quinn Profile
    Survivor since 2014
    If our own immune system usually great , most of the time then there would be no cancer !! Sadly chemo kills our immune system while killing the cancer cells !! And has I found out from developing a Staph infection.. a every long time to get back to its old self ! My doctor told me every time I get a cold ... he saids it only been 2 yrs since your chemo and your body it's still healing itself !! So good luck in your treatments 🍀
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