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What are the different stages of breast csncer

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Learning About Breast Cancer 19 days
  • Betti A Profile
    Survivor since 2013
    There are some great, easy to understand videos on this site that are very helpful 0-4 as I recall.
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  • André Roberts Profile
    Stage 1 Patient
    As Betti said, there are 4 stages of Breast cancer. Check out the videos on this sight, they are very easy to understand and so informative. Keep in mind, we all freak out when we hear those 3 words "you have cancer", but regardless of stage, it's not the death sentence it once was. Even people with stage 4 continue living life. Though there still isn't a cure, advancements are being discovered all the time. Even since I was diagnosed is 2012. Prayers to you.
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    What is her3+ positive?
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An Early Detection Plan (EDP) significantly increases the chances of surviving breast cancer.

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