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im 17 and ive had cancer at 2 and i got my period at 11 makes it likely to get breast cancer early and now i found a lump it like half a thumb size its hard and only painful when i press on it, i am also always feeling sleepy in an uncontrollable way.

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Learning About Breast Cancer 10 months
  • Betti A Profile
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    Have you discussed this with your parents or a trusted adult? Please do as you should see a Dr. to see if any testing is needed.
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  • SAm  White Profile
    I would definitely speak with mom & make a Dr appt asap. I too had my period young 9 yrs old & dealt with hormonal issues. Developed breast cancer @ 46 yrs old
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  • André Roberts Profile
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    Try not to freak out. At your age, your body is going through changes as hormones are reeking havoc all the time. I would normally tell someone of your age to stop touching it. Check it on the same day for at least 2, maybe 3 months. If it's still there have a dr check it. With your history of cancer though, you should have it checked right away. Unfortunately anyone at any age can get breast cancer. Prayers to you.
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    sorry the text is unclear , the character count didnt let me write everything
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