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Is breast cancer painful

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Learning About Breast Cancer 10 months
  • André Roberts Profile
    Stage 1 Patient
    No, most breast cancers are not painful. Most times it's not even detected other than in a mammogram. Now of course if your feeling something in or around the breast area and your touching it all the time, yes it may hurt. If there is something abnormal get it checked out. Prayers to you.
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  • Betti A Profile
    Survivor since 2013
    Not usually but suppose it could be.
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  • brenda gregory Profile
    Survivor since 2012
    My breast didn't hurt,but there was a spot that was sore if I pressed it..turned out to be cancer...
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  • Daniella Serven Profile
    Learning About Breast Cancer
    I was diagnosed twice! Second time I had pain in my sternum which made me feel better. One I had bilateral mastectomies 9 years before and "cancer is not supposed to hurt, right? Well tumor grew at the sternum and felt like a bad bruise.... so yes it can hurt. When in doubt check it out!
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