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I went through chemo, radiation and mastectomy last year my nails are in horrible shape. Brittle, lines and ridges going through them. Is this normal? Any suggestions on getting them healthy again?

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  • André Roberts Profile
    Stage 1 Patient
    It's pretty common. Time is what helped mine. Though even after 5 years, if I have gloves on, like gardening, my finger tips get so sore. Like they can't breathe or something. I can't wear gel nail polish either. Prayers to you.
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  • Betti A Profile
    Survivant depuis 2013
    Chemo. wrecked havoc with my nails too. They did come out of it after about 1 year.
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  • jeanette martin Profile
    Étude du cancer du sein
    Thanks, glad to know it is a common, long lasting side effect of chemo
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  • Jennifer A Profile
    Étude du cancer du sein
    Idk about getting them healthy again but I've been using nailtiques 2 plus formula to keep them from splintering off and peeling. It's helped.
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