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Today Is my 9th day post first chemo infusion(TC x4 every 3 weeks) I had my labs drawn and my WBC 2.0 and neutrophils were .4. I'm starting to get paranoid. Has anyone else had same labs results if so how long does it take for them to go up.

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stage_1 Patient 11 months
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    Yes, similar. They come back fairly quickly, but it's important to avoid sources of infection. I stayed inside during those times.
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    I had the same regimen you did but mine included a Neulasta shot the day after every infusion and my numbers were OK. I know a lady when her numbers dropped too low she had to come in for a transfusion once or twice. I also saw an elderly lady have her infusion rescheduled one day as her numbers were totally out of "whack".
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    My WBC at lowest was .2 I could barely walk. I did have to get a blood transfusion also.
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