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Anyone with TNBC who did not get chemo, and if so why and how are you doing?

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Learning About Breast Cancer 11 months
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    I got TNBC stage 2a, lumpectomy, 8 round of chemo and 35 radiation. Last chemo April 21,2016. Last radiation July 8,2016.
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    I had double mastectomy 3 weeks ago and have decided no chemo for tnbc. The biopsy I had basically took out the entire tumor. It was very small; .5mm left in the breast. I was BRCA1 positive. Have already had chemo from the ovarian cancer I had 5 years ago. My doctor said she was ok with nit doing the chemo based in the size. Can't give you long term prognosis as it is recent but this was my decision.
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