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Does sex or orgasm release hormones that can fuel the growth of ESTROGEN-POSITIVE TUMORS? If so, should I avoid sex or climax? Will it do it while on anti-estrogen therapy (Arimidex)? I am menopausal, is it still the same? Any written material to read?

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    Your doing something right .. if you can have a love ❤️ life with an orgasm while on tablets !! I find that the tablets ( I have tried , tamoxifen, Letrozole, now on exemestane ).. only 8 more years to go !! But love a great cuddle::)). If I had a choice between living another day in my life or having a orgasm s with my partner......well I go with what your doing !! Haha But as much as I love my husband I find it every hard to get in the mood .. and have to use jelly because of dryness .. This would be a great question for a doctor next app !! But I can't see there being any problems with enjoying a full loving relationship.. hormones are still in our body even through you take your tablets and I had a hysterectomy , but there are chemicals / hormones made in our brains!!! Good luck with having a happy full life and try to enjoy living and loving ... without worrying about every little thing ... that will do you more harm than good !!!🎀🎀
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    I would discuss this with my doctor.
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    I have, but my doctor was not sure one way or another. Since this issue may be extremely important (or totally trivial) I would like to know if anyone can point me to a book, a medical study or some serious answer I can read. Someone must have tested this. After all, a large percentage of breast cancers are depending on estrogen for their growth... Thanks!
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