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Whats best time to take tomoxifen night or morning I'm on night thinking of changeing to morning

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  • Betti A Profile
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    You may just need to try both morning and evening to find what works best for you.
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    Morning, eat a little something first helps the tummy. Yogurt is what I usually eat but then a doughnut works good too.
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  • Life is Good! Profile
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    I took it in the morning. It was better for my routine. Taking it with food helped with the queasiness. I have heard from some ladies that it kept them up at night. It is important to take it consistently the same time each day and don't double up if you forgot to take it. I asked God every morning to bless the medicine and keep the cancer away. 12 years later and no evidence of cancer... I am so lucky and blessed. Good luck to you! Wishing you maximum and minimal side effects. For me, the benefits outweighed the side effects.
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  • Lou Cam Profile
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    I hope more people respond to your question. I take femara which interfered with my sleep. I asked people here, and was advised to take it in the morning. And, as Norma said, your pharmacist or doctor's office can also advise you on this .
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  • Norma  Cook Profile
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    A bit of queasiness in the beginning prompted me to switch to night time for taking Tamoxifen. As the hot flashes and leg cramps led to frequent insomnia, I tried switching back to morning, but found my bedtime routine was more consistent than my mornings, so I've stuck with taking the medication at night. I heard somewhere that just the simple act of taking a pill at night can help you relax and sleep better, even if it's not actually medicine. Your doctor or pharmacist can help you decide which is best for you.
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