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How long should a double mastectomy with the saline inserts drain? I'm up to two weeks now with two drains still putting out a lot.

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    Connie, I've had drains after two mastectomies as well as after several reconstructions. The length of time they stay in has been different each time. Most recently, after a mastectomy in October 2011, I believe the drains were in for almost two weeks because the volume never got below 20 cc per day. Eventually they just pulled them out and I haven't had any problems since. I wouldn't worry about the fact that they're still in there -- your docs will pull them when they think it's time.
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    Hi Connie. Every woman is different in how long her drainage lasts. Normally it's not more than 4 weeks. I have an unusual story. My mastectomy was in Oct of last year. My right drain had to stay in 5 weeks and 7 weeks on my left. Unfortunately after my drains were removed I continued building up fluid and developed a chronic seroma. I have to go in at least once a week and have a needle inserted to be drained. I just began radiation and my surgeon hopes this will resolve itself soon. Try not to worry though. My case doesn't happen very often thank God. :). I bet you'll be getting those drains out in no time!
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    My doctor took my drains out after 4 weeks even though they were still draining quite a bit because of risk of infection. One of my expanders is leaking so I now have to have it replaced and will have drains again for a couple of weeks. Your drains will be out before you know it.
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    Thank you everyone. I was beginning to become afraid. The doctor says he will take them out this Monday which will be 17 days but they are putting out 85cc's each side every 24 hours Guess I'll just have to wait and see
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    Every one is differant, I just had my surgery Feb 9 and I had 4 drains. Two of them came out after the first week and the other two came out the next week. My nurse told me not to be in a hurry to remove them because they are helping you. Think of it as a little discomfort for peace of mind. Hang in there.
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