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Types & Stages

Types & Stages

Chapter: 5 - Types & Stages

Subchapter: 2 - Stage 0 & 1

Stage 0
Stage 0, DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma in Situ) is a noninvasive cancer where abnormal cells have been found in the lining of the breast milk duct.

Even though Stage 0 cancer is still noninvasive, it does require immediate treatment and is typically treated with surgery or radiation, or a combination of the two. Chemotherapy is not part of the treatment regimen for earlier stages of cancer.

Stage 1
In Stage 1 invasive breast cancer, the tumor has not exceeded 2cm (0.8in). Although it’s considered to be invasive, it has not yet spread to any surrounding lymph nodes or outside the breast tissue.

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Breast cancer affects one out of every eight women in their lifetime.

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